Shopi Issue No. 2 - I want buy (special edition)

Shopi Issue No. 2 - I want buy (special edition)

Shopi is a booklet for restrained efforts. A booklet for hesitant concepts, tentative thinking and cautious creating. Shopi is a booklet by designers for designers and others. A booklet for people getting their orientation from the proven, the reliable. Shopi is a booklet which avoids the Great, and therefore it is small. A booklet with subjects one knows and appreciates.

Shopi – I want to buy + Special Edition
Niklas Hughes und Tobias Röttger created the special edition "Shopping through the Ages".

Brochure, Wire stitching 
24 Pages
11,0 × 15,5 cm
Mainz 2005

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  • Shopi Issue No. 2 - I want buy (special edition)

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