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Electroscapes is a compendium of print-based images relating to the production and transmission of energy. The visibility of energy extraction, distribution and networks is everywhere particularly in the landscape. Here, a changing awareness has taken place as landscape has been appropriated as territory, to serve and to yield. This publication deals with the duality of landscape being soaked with political history as well as with socio-economical history.

Representations of landscapes littered with pylons, wind turbines and solar panels are executed in the mediums of silkscreen, aquatint, etching, woodcuts and monotypes amongst others. Our research results displaying societies insatiable lust for energy are visible in this publication, in addition to this we demonstrate through the use of artistic vocabularies, an intense exploration of the contemporary print within its broadest definition.

With essays by Tilman Baumgärtel, Ilka Becker & Regina Stephan.

English/ German
1. Edition

Very, Frankfurt

Print + Binding
DZA Druckerei zur Altenburg

Hannah Alessio

Fly 80g/qm

20,4 cm x 14,5 cm
252 Seiten



Conceived and edited by
Katja Davar, Hochschule Mainz